Sunday, June 26, 2022

QGIS Select by attribute - specific character or text string

 Lets say you want to perfect attribute selection where the entry contains a specific word or letter, this can get complicated if the word is not alone in the table cell.

There are couple of ways to solve this kind of query. The most advance way is using regular expression, I have written about regular expression on the page titled: Working with Regular Expression in QGIS

An easier approach would be to use the LIKE operator together with the % wildcard symbol. For example, lets say you want to search for ward names that contain the letter "o", the expression will look like this:-

"ward_name" LIKE '%o%'

You just need to add the text string you want to search for in between %...% as seen below:-

"ward_name" LIKE '%Add Something To Search%'

That is it!

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