Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Count Numbers of Rows from bulk excel files

Here I got many excel files in a folder and I wanted to know the number of rows in each file.

import glob
import pandas as pd
files = glob.glob("C:\\Users\\Yusuf_08039508010\\Desktop\\LinkedIn Profile Scrapping\\Old Project\\Second Project\\New folder\\*.xlsx")

# Get file names
file_names = [os.path.basename(x) for x in files]
# ---------------------

count_list = []
i = 0

for f in files:
    df = pd.read_excel(f)
    # count rows based on column index...
    rows_count = df.count()[0] # this will not count NaN

    data = file_names[i], rows_count # Combine filename and row count into a dataframe
    i = i+1

df_count = pd.DataFrame(count_list, columns=['File', 'Count'])


 This will return a table with each files name and corresponding number of rows in the file as seen below.


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Python - Separating photos into subfolders

Read Images in a Folder and Move to Sub folder Based on given Condition

Few weeks ago on this blog post, we downloaded pictures of all the US presidents. On this post, we want to separate the photos into subfolders depending on whether the president is from 'Democratic' or 'Republican'. 

If this sounds interesting to you, then keep reading!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Google Apps Script (GAS) - Make GoogleForms from GoogleSheets

On this post, I will demonstrate how tom make a GoogleForms from GoogleSheets using Google Apps Script (GAS). There are several advantages of using GAS to automate your form creation over manual procedure.

GAS is a Googles owned scripting language that is flavor of a modern JavaScript, so if you already know javascript, then you should be confortable with GAS. With GAS, you can do more with Google apps — like GoogleCalendar, GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, GoogleGmail, GoogleSheets, and GoogleSlides.

The form we will make is a multi choice question, and the obvious reason why we will use GAS to make it is because it has a lot questions to be added. Hence, it makes sense to prepare the questions and there option in a GoogleSheets, then generate the form from there. That is the approach we are going to take.

Create a GoogleSheet where the first column A is the question and the columns B, C and D are the answer options (only one option is the correct answer) as seen below.