Thursday, November 4, 2021

Python GIS data wrangling - Mapping supper eagles head coaches since 1949

 The Nigerian senior national football team (super eagle) has had several coaches from 1949 till date. Lets prepare a data I found online about these coaches for use in any GIS platform.

The dataset for this exercise was collected from this hash tag: #Born2RichSports #Deliveringthebestinsports.

We will use python to wrangle this data into a GIS friendly format. Lets get started...

See all Super Eagles coach list from 1949 till date
England: Jack Finch (1949)
Nigeria: Daniel Anyiam (1954–1956)
England: Les Courtier (1956–1960)
Israel: Moshe “Jerry” Beit haLevi (1960–1961)
Hungary: George Vardar (1961–1963)
England: Joey Blackwell (1963–1964)
Nigeria: Daniel Anyiam (1964–1965)
Hungary: József Ember (1965–1968)
Spain: Sabino Barinaga (1968–1969)
Nigeria: Peter ‘Eto’ Amaechina (1969–1970)
West Germany: Karl-Heinz Marotzke (1970–1971)
Brazil: Jorge Penna (1972–1973)
West Germany: Karl-Heinz Marotzke (1974)
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Tihomir Jelisavčić (1974–1978)
Brazil: Otto Glória (1979–1982)
West Germany: Gottlieb Göller (1981)
Nigeria: Festus Onigbinde (1983–1984)
Nigeria: Chris Udemezue (1984–1986)
Nigeria: Patrick Ekeji (1985)
Nigeria: Paul Hamilton (1987–1989)
West Germany: Manfred Höner (fr) (1988–1989)
Netherlands: Clemens Westerhof (1989–1994) as Technical Adviser
Nigeria: Shaibu Amodu (1994–1995)
Netherlands: Jo Bonfrere (1995–1996)
Nigeria: Shaibu Amodu (1996–1997)
France: Philippe Troussier (1997)
Nigeria: Monday Sinclair (1997–1998)
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Bora Milutinović (1998)
Netherlands: Thijs Libregts (1999)
Netherlands: Jo Bonfrere (1999–2001)
Nigeria: Shaibu Amodu (2001–2002)
Nigeria: Festus Onigbinde (2002)
Nigeria: Christian Chukwu (2002–2005)
Nigeria: Augustine Eguavoen (2005–2007)
Germany: Berti Vogts (2007–2008)
Nigeria: James Peters (2008)
Nigeria: Shaibu Amodu (2008–2010)
Sweden: Lars Lagerbäck (2010)
Nigeria: Augustine Eguavoen (2010)
Nigeria: Samson Siasia (2010–2011)
Nigeria: Stephen Keshi (2011–2014)
Nigeria: Shaibu Amodu (2014)
Nigeria: Stephen Keshi (2014)
Nigeria: Daniel Amokachi (2014–2015)
Nigeria: Stephen Keshi (2015)
Nigeria: Sunday Oliseh (2015-2016)
Germany: Gernot Rohr (2016–present)

#Born2RichSports #Deliveringthebestinsports

Each row consist of the coach's country, coach's name and the year/period he severed. We need to separate each detail into its own column (that is three columns in this case).

There are several ways to prepare this data, here I saved the text above in a text file to read it into python object like this...

Then read each row/line into a list item for pandas dataframe as seen below...

with open(r"C:\Users\Yusuf_08039508010\Desktop\SuperEagle Coaches.txt", encoding='utf-8') as f:
    data =

coaches_list = data.split('\n')

Now read the list into a dataframe. Next we can split the entries into separate columns for use in a GIS software.

coaches_df = pd.DataFrame(coaches_list, columns=['Coaches'])

coaches_df['Country'] = coaches_df['Coaches'].apply( lambda x: x.split(': ')[0] )
coaches_df['Coach Name'] = coaches_df['Coaches'].apply( lambda x: x.split(': ')[1].split(' (')[0] )
coaches_df['Period'] = coaches_df['Coaches'].apply( lambda x: x.split(': ')[1].split(' (')[1].replace(')', '') )


Now we have a beautiful table like this that we can integrate into GIS for further analysis.

For example, a quick look at the country column we see that the coaches came from 13 unique countries.

That is it!

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