Monday, August 16, 2021

Using Easting and Northing coordinates to plot survey site plan in AutoCAD

  Assuming you conducted a field survey with a GPS or similar instrument that allows us to generate the following record listed of coordinates.

It is expected that we plot the coordinates to scale using AutoCAD software.

The site reconnaissance diagram is provided below:-

Recce (reconnaissance) diagram - source: author site inspection

Now, we want to plot this data to scale using AutoCAD. Here are the steps you need to follow:-

Step 1: Launch AutoCAD software and Setup the drawing units.

Open the units dialog box by typing "UNITS" and set the values as per your data as seen below.

Remember to check the "Clockwise" button and set "Direction" to North. This because survey bearings are measured in clockwise direction from the north pole.

Step 2: Next is to prepare and plot the data using an expression as seen in the sample output box above.

The expression is like so: Easting,Northing that is: 355295.411,942748.140 for the first point P1.

The complete expression will look like this:-


Step 3: Pick LINE command and type the expressions above one after the other.

Alternatively, you could copy paste the entire expressions after picking line command. This will plot the entire lines on the fly.

Note that you can use circle or point command instead of using the line command.

That is it!

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