Thursday, November 12, 2020

Pandas dataframe.append() function - Append 'Jeo Biden' to US presidents dataframe

Here we got a dataframe of 45 USA presidents with four columns as seen below.

The dataframe is this wikipedia table that lists the presidents of the United States. As you already saw, the wikipedia table  has been updated. So, we need to update our dataframe with 46th president.

Now we got a new president-elect (Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.), we will create a new dataframe for him and use the append() function to add it to the end of our dataframe.

To create the Biden's dataframe, we store his data in a dictionary and use it to make a one row dataframe to be appended to the main dataframe above.
biden_data = {
            'Name':['Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.'], 
              'Presidency Period':['20-Jan-21 – Incumbent']

biden_df = pd.DataFrame(biden_data)

Call the append function on the USA presidents dataframe like this:- You'll notice that the index is '0' for the total line. We want to change that from '0' to '46' using rename.


That is it!

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