Thursday, November 12, 2020

Mass make folders from list of states

 I have written on this before at How to make Multiple Folders/Directories in Python. Refer to that page for more detailed instructions.

Anyway, here I have a list of states in Nigeria that I want to generate folder for each.

import os
states = ['Ebonyi', 'Edo', 'Ekiti', 'Enugu', 'Fct', 'Gombe', 'Imo', 'Jigawa', 'Kaduna', 'Katsina', 'Kebbi', 'Kogi', 'Kwara', 'Lagos', 'Nasarawa', 'Niger', 'Ogun', 'Ondo', 'Osun', 'Akwa Ibom', 'Oyo', 'Plateau', 'Rivers', 'Sokoto', 'Taraba', 'Yobe', 'Zamfara', 'Anambra', 'Bauchi', 'Bayelsa', 'Benue', 'Borno', 'Cross River', 'Delta']

for n in states: # Looping over the individual state to make folder name
    if type(n) == str:
        print ('Making directory for.... ', n)

        directory = n + '__state'
        if not os.path.exists(directory):

The resulting output is seen below:-


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