Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Drawing Site Plan with DraftSight a FREE Alternative to AutoCAD

There are many low budget or free Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software alternatives to Autodesk's AutoCAD out there and DraftSight is one of the best alternatives I have used.

Using the free version, you could plot or draw a professional survey plan just as you would do in AutoCAD. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how you will do just that using the free DraftSight CAD software. So, download the DraftSight here and follow the instructions below to activate it.

Instruction 1: Download the software from the link above and launch it to install

Instruction 2: Select Free option and click the next button as seen above.

Instruction 3: Accept the terms in the license agreement and install

Instruction 4: Follow the screen guide and select "No Thanks" button since we are installing the free version.

Instruction 5: Now launch the software to activate it by clicking on the "Activate" button.

Instruction 6: Fill the form with you correct email and other details.

Instruction 7: Check your email for the activation link. Click on it to complete the activation process.

Instruction 8: Now you can use the free version of DraftSight.

How to Draw Site Plan with DraftSight

The "Reconnaissance Survey Diagram" (Recce Diagram) of the site we are going to draw is as seen below:-

As seen from the diagram, the bearings and distances of the land are measured as:-
P1-P2 = 1020 00, 30m
P2-P3 = 1910 00, 30m
P3-P4 = 2820 00, 30m
P4-P1 = 0110 00, 30m

We would also use coordinates to plot the same site plan given that we grid/rectangular coordinates.

a) Given the Bearings and Distances of a lot/plot of land

b) Given the Grid/Rectangular Coordinates of a lot/plot of land

Exercise: Try your hands on this site below:-

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