Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Creating 3D buildings model in QGIS

Creating 3D buildings model in QGIS

Hello there,
An easy way to wow your GIS client is to display his building mapping project modeled in 3D :).

Ok, on a more serious note, there are many reasons why you will model a map in 3D. In this article, an going to guide you on how to do it in QGIS software.

Let's get started..

Step 1:
Install the Qgis2threejs plugin through menu plugin manager (Plugins >> Manage and install plugins...). This plugin exports terrain data, map canvas image and vector data to your web browser. It allows you to view 3D objects in the web browser (You need a web browser which supports WebGL (Web Graphics Library)).

Step 2:
After isnalling the plugin, you can access it on the menu Web >> Qgis2threejs >> Qgis2threejs

Make sure you have you build layer loaded with attribute column for the builds height.

Step 3:
From the Qgis2threejs dialog window, select the layer you want to display, the building height attribute column, select a location to save the generated .html file and click on "Run" button.

That is it! The generated 3D model should now open on you default browser (as seen in the first image above) and you can always come back to manipulate other setting to get what you want.

Note: Your project coordinate reference system (CRS) should be in meters or the same unit of your building heights to avoid get a funny result.

thanks for reading.

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