Monday, September 5, 2016

Web-based Mapping and Statistics of Nigerian Presidential Election (2015)


Today I will use web-based mapping and Statistical techniques to visualize and communicate some important details on the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election Data.

I will visualize and communicate the following: Number of Accredited Voters Map, Number of Rejected Voters Map, Number of Valid Voters Map, Population Map, and Chart - Population and Accredited Voters all these will be the form of Story Map of 2015 Nigeria Elections. Also the  2015 Elections Population and Accredited Voters chart will be compared with the geographical map.

Result Map and Statistics

Voters Map and Statistics

2015 Elections - Population and Accredited Voters

Story Map of 2015 Nigeria Presidential Elections

Creating a stunning map and statistical visualization is made possible with tableau for non-tech people. For some ideas how I made the maps above, contact me (Tel: +2348039508010)  or click on this link.

Thanks for reading.


  1. This is AMAZING!!! This is one of the best examples of how maps can make a difference in publishing complex data targeting non GIS literate audience. Your article is well articulated and presented. I am now a great admirer of your insightful posts. GOOD WORK!!