Sunday, May 1, 2016

How to use python to make websites – Python Web Programming for beginners

Lets talk about How to use python to make websites for beginners.
Several times, I have seen python beginners asked this question “Where do I use python in web development?”.

To answer this question, it is important to know that “static website pages are made with client-side programming languages such as: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While dynamic website pages are made with server-side languages such as: PHP, Python, Java, Asp, Pearl, Ruby, ColdFusion etc”.

Each side's programming, refers to code which runs at the specific machine, the server's or the client's.

Client-side programming is the name for all of the programs which are run on the Client. It is Uses to: Make interactive webpages, Make stuff happen dynamically on the web page, Interact with temporary storage, and local storage (Cookies, localStorage), Send requests to the server, and retrieve data from it, Provide a remote service for client-side applications, such as software registration, content delivery, or remote multi-player gaming.

Server-side programming, is the general name for the kinds of programs which are run on the Server. It is Uses to: Process user input, Display pages, Structure web applications, Interact with permanent storage (SQL, files).

At the very minimum, you have to be comfortable with HTML markup language to create a very basic static web page. A good place to learn HTML is at w3Shools.

Then if you want your web page to communicate dynamically with the web server, you need to learn a server-side language like “Python”.

There are generally three approaches when developing a website with python namely:
1- Coding from scratch - This involves scripting in Common Gateway Interface (CGI) or WSGI

2- Using Template Engine - Examples are JinJa2, Mako, CheetaTemplateGenshi etc.

3- Using Frameworks - Examples are Django, TurboGears, web2pyFlask, CherryPy, Bottle, Pyramid etc.

I hope this little article open up beginners mind to Python Web Programming in general.
Thanks for reading.

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