Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Making a fantasy contour map for background screens

 If you ever wanted to make custom contour images for use in your desktop background as I usually do, then you have come to the right post.

I will show you how to make background contour image like the one below without having to obtain X, Y, Z data and without using a sophisticated GIS tool.

The software we will use is the free graphics software call 'Inkscape'. Download and install it. Then follow these steps:-

  1. Launch the Inkscape software
  2. Draw a shape (example: rectangle, square, circle, polygon etc)
  3. Go to 'Fill and Stroke'
  4. Select 'Pattern Fill' >> 'Nature patterns'
  5. Select the pattern named ''Terrain"

Then play around with Scale X, Scale Y, Orientation, Offset X, Offset Y, Gap X, Gap Y, Color etc

The final result will depend on your creativity.

Thank you for reading!

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