Sunday, August 13, 2023

How to resize multiple shapes in Inkscape

 I was preparing a client's map in Inkscape vector graphics software (that was the project requirement since the client doesn't work with GIS software). I converted the shapefile into SVG to allow me manipulate the map in Inkscape. You can do the conversion using the GIS tool or use online tools like Aspose or Mapshaper.

So, I stumbled on a huddle where I needed to resize over 2000 points (cycle objects) as seen above.

Now how to I individually select and resize over 2000 objects? Luckily inkscape has this Transform >> Scale tool that could be applied to each individual object.

You can access this tool using "Ctrl + Shift + M" or go to menu "Object >> Transform" as seen below.

On the Scale table set the size you want and check "Apply to each object separately".

That is it!

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