Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Testing Google Maps Geocoder API by Geocoding COVID-19 Vaccination sites in Lagos, Nigeria

 Recently, the Lagos state government listed 88 COVID-19 vaccination sites in the state. These sites cut across 20 local government areas.

Lets test how good Google Maps covers Nigeria by using the geocoder API to retrieve the 'Latitudes and longitudes' of those vaccination sites so we can plot them on Lagos state map.

Lets get stated, the list of the sites is seen below.

Download a cleaned table below...

To geocode, we will construct the address as follow: Facility, Ward LGA. 

I made use of Google Sheet add-on named "Geocode by Awesome Table" as seen below.

At the end of the process, only one record (149 Battalion MRS, IRA OJO) failed to return latitude and longitude while two ('Ishagira phc, EGAN OJO' and 'CFO MRS MILITARY HOSPITAL, APAPA APAPA') where wrongly geocoded. The overall test result was 98% successful.

Happy mapping!

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