Friday, January 1, 2021

Creating Zip file for items within multiple folders

 The script below will access all children folders within a parent directory then zip the contents and return back to the parent directory before moving to the next child folder.

The process continue until all children folders are processed.

# list of folders to zip their contents...
folders = glob.glob('*')

# Change dir to the first folder, zip its contents and return back to parent dir...
for folder in folders:
    # Change directory to folder in list of folders...
    list_files = glob.glob('*')
    with zipfile.ZipFile(folder+'.zip', 'w') as zipF:
        for file in list_files:
            zipF.write(file, compress_type=zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)
    # Change directory back to main folder...


Note that the script uses the folder's name to name the resulting zip file as seen below.

That is it!

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