Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Convert OpenStreetMap of Abuja in Raster to Vector map

Hello there,
In this post, I will demo how to easily download the vector map of the city center of Abuja, Nigeria. We will be converting and OpenStreetMap Raster map to Vector map suing QGIS and related plugins.

Simply download and install QGIS with the following plugins: OpenStreetMap Downloader and OpenLayer plugins

Steps to follow...

Step 1:
From QGIS menu go to Web >> OpenLayers plugin >> OpenStreetMap >> OpenStreetMap

When the OpenStreetMap layer finished loading, zoom to Abuja metropolis or any area you want to download its vector map.

Step 2: Next, go to: Vector >> OpenStreetMap >> Download Data

On the dialog box that opened, specify the extent and select where to save the .OSM file, then click on OK to run the process. This will download all points, line and polygon feature with the area selected.

Step 3: Load the .osm file into QGIS just as you will load any other vector file. The result is as seen below....

That is it!

Note: Another useful plugin to get information from OSM is the OSMInfo plugin.

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