Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to make Custom Google Map of Nigeria displaying the state capitals

In this post, I will guide you to make a customized Google map displaying the capitals of all the states in Nigeria with additional information attached to each state capital.

I will also show you how to embed it to any html web page.

Let's get started...

1) A Google account
2) CSV file containing the states information including longitude and latitude of the state capitals

Step 1:
Go to and select new button to create a new google map within your drive.
You can create folder to save your map within for future reference.

Step 2:
In the top left-hand corner, click where it says ''Untitled'' to give your map a new name. I named this map "Nigeria State Capitals". Also rename "Untitled layer" to any name, named mine "Capitals".

Step 3:
Click on "import" button under the layer, and select the CSV file that contains the list of state capitals.

On the next screen, select 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' fields for displaying the points.

On the next screen, select 'Capitals' for the display title.

The resulting map will look like below and if you click on a point, the information about the point will pop up.

Step 4:
You can customize the icon color and shape by click on the "All items" layer

That is how to create a simple Google map. You can plot map of any location using the steps explained above.

Step 5: Sharing the map with others
You can share the map by clicking on the "Share" button and change the access setting to public then copy and share the link provided. The map above can be accessed from this link.

Another way to share the map is by embedding it on a website as seen below. Just click on the button beside the map title and select "Embed on my site", then copy the code provided and paste it on any html website.

Google Map of Nigeria Showing the State Capitals

That is it!
Thank you for following

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