Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Coordinates Convertion, Downloading Images, and Web mapping with El-shayal GIS software


El-shayal is GIS software developed by group of Arabian (Egyptian) developers - Mohamed Elshayal, Salsabeel Mohamed Elshayal and Yaseen Mohamed Elshayal. It is freely available for download at this blog address:

I have been using the two major leading GIS software; ArcGIS in the commercial category and QGIS in non-commercial (open source) category. But there are some GIS tasks that I often referred to El-Shayal GIS software for completion instead of ArcGIS or QGIS simply because El-Shayal GIS software does it easily or even better than ArcGIS and QGIS.

The GIS tasks I am talking about are discussed below, and strongly recommend you to check them out in the El-Shayal GIS software:-

1) Coordinates Convertion
2) Downloading Images from Google Earth
3) Converting Shapefiles into a HTML Website (Web mapping)

I will only compare the above features of El-shayal GIS software to that of QGIS. This is because ArcGIS is already of this contest in that it is not freely available to use and here we are looking at software that deliver full featured GIS tasks at no cost.
I am using the latest versions of both El-shayal GIS software and QGIS at the time of writing. That is: El-shayal GIS software version 16.007d and QGIS version 2.16.0.NØdebo

Let’s get started…

Coordinates Convertion: Convert Coordinates System Calculator

With this tool in El-shayal GIS software, you can quickly Convert between Degrees Minutes Seconds, Decimal Degrees and UTM Coordinate Systems.
As an example, to convert this "7.29144, 8.69077" coordinate in Decimal Degrees to other formats. All you have to do is launch the "Convert Coordinates System Calculator" tool from the tools menu or press Ctrl+J or the icon on the tools bar. 

From the dialog box, type in the correct coordinates in the box provided then click convert button to covert it to other formats.

Downloading Images from Google Earth

With this tool, you can download rectified images from Google Earth software covering a very lager area. Clcik on the Google Earth icon on the tools bar and login Google Earth, then you can start importing rectified images from Google Earth.

Note: You will need to setup Google Earth software.

A detailed step-by-step instruction is given in the video below:-

Converting Shapefiles into a HTML Website (Web mapping)

Just as the name implies, it will convert your shapefiles into a HTML website for web mapping purposes.
From the tools menu, you will locate this tool. Browse the loaction to save the generated html file and click on convert.

Learn more on converting shapefile to html web page in video below:-


In general, people often use both QGIS and El-shayal GIS software to view, edit, and analyze geospatial data. However, QGIS is a better GIS software than El-shayal. But for the features dicussed above, I prefer to use El-shayal GIS software.

Thanks for reading.

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