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How to install wxPython (Phoenix) on Python 3.x

Am going talk about How to install wxPython Phoenix for Python 3.x.

Note: this instruction may not be valid if wxPython Phoenix project is fully migrated for python 3.x. Am sure by then, an executable file (.exe) would have been provided for download as is with classic wxPython for python 2.x.

wxPython’s Project Phoenix is a new incarnation of the wxPython toolkit in which everything that existed before will be cast into the flames in the hopes that that which emerges from the ashes will be better, brighter, stronger and faster than before.

If you can’t wait for the executable file for Phoenix project to be released, then read on as I guide you to getting wxPython Phoenix up and running for Python 3.x.
You can achieve this in two basic ways namely; auto installation (using pip) and manual installation. Let’s explain each one after the other.

Method 1: Auto Installation
To use this method to install wxPython Phoenix on Python 3.x, open your command window and run this code below;
pip install -U --pre -f wxPython_Phoenix


c:\Python34\Scripts\pip install -U --pre -f wxPython_Phoenix

With that, you should get you the latest version of Phoenix on any OS as the Python wheel file formats are now supported.

Note these two points;
1) You need the latest version of pip to install a wheel. Make sure you have the latest. Once you do, you can run above code to install wxPython Phoenix

2) There is space between "" and "wxPython_Phoenix"

Method 2: Manual Installation
Visit the build url at; and download the latest release of wxPython Phoenix build. The file will likely be in a .tar.gz or .whl file format.

Extract it using 7zip or WinRAR applications.

Copy the wx folder and paste it in your python 3.x site-packages directory (something like: C:\Python34\Lib\site-packages) and you are done!

Open your python 3.x cmd and run import wx to verify.

This should install wxPython Phoenix on your Python 3.x installation.

WooHoo! Phoenix runs on Python 3!! See it in action, check it out on YouTube.

Classic vs Phoenix
you will learn the most common wxPython functions, classes and Window / Sizer methods which need to be changed to a new syntax in Phoenix; it presents the modification in a 2-columns, space-separated table containing the old wxPython (Classic) name on the left and the new (if it exists) Phoenix name on the right.
Read documentation at:

 Happy Coding!

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