Sample Scripts

Thank you for visiting this page. Here below are some recent scripting and programming projects I have completed for different clients across the globe.

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Happy viewing... :)

Automated Web Form Filling 

Command Line Interface Argument Parser

 Get Zip code from Address

Extracting Data from PDF using Python 

Desktop App written in Python 

Python Script - Downloading CSV files demo

Reverse Geocoding desktop app (written in Python 3)

Python Parsing JSON to Excel Spreadsheet

Web App to Reverse Geocoding List of Lat./Long. in a CSV file

Move Shapefile into sub folders based on type

Grid GUI Demo

Demo Executing Python Code in RStudio

PDF to Excel Demo

Scrapping Yellow pages GUI Demo

Block Chain Demo Script

Houzz Data Scrapping Script

Geo-code Script

 Image Database Script

 Demo GUIs in PyQt

Demo Web Scrapper

 Sample Login GUI Script

Graphical User Interface

Python Data Srapping, Analysis and Visualization

CSV filter script

Cropping bulk images

Detecting Human faces on images

GPA and CGPA app for Polytechnics in Nigeria

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